Official Site of the Edison High School Band Parent Organization
Official Site of the Edison High School Band Parent Organization


These ringtones have been created from actural live performances of the Edison HS Bands.  Download and show your support for your favorite ensemble!


The following ringtones can be downloaded and used on your iPhone.  Use the following instructions to use on your iPhone.  It's easier than it looks:

  1. Click on and download the selected file(s).
  2. Find the file in your "Downloads" folder and unzip.
  3. Open iTunes and click on "Tones" ont the left column.  If "Tones" does not appear on the list, click on the pulldown menu, then click "Tones".
  4. Open Explerer or Finder an go to your downloads folder (where you downloaded the ringtone to)
  5. Drag the ringtone .m4r file(s) to iTunes.
  6. Connect and sync your iPhone. 
  7. Select your iPhone in the iTunes window, then click on "Tones"
  8. Click the box "Sync all tones" (or you can individually select which ones you want)
  9. Click "Sync" in the lower right corner of iTunes
  10. Once done, on your iPhone, click on settings, then "sounds" and you will see ringtone, message, etc. Select which tones you want to change. You can hear a preview as you click on each tone.
EHS Band 2016 Heartbeat iPhone Ringtones
EHS Band Heartbeat Ringtones - iPhone.zi[...]
Compressed archive in ZIP format [13.8 MB]
EHS Band 2015 Relic iPhone Ringtones
EHS Band Relic Ringtones -
Compressed archive in ZIP format [12.1 MB]


The following ringtones can be downloaded and used on your Android Phone. (Android Instructions coming soon). If you can provide instructions, please email me at


You can try using the ZIP file with M4A version of all ringtones, or try the MP3 files.


FOR Samsung 

1.  Download on your phone, MP3 files

2.  Go to Settings

3.  Select Phone - Sounds & Vibration

4.  Select Ringtone

5.  Scroll down to Add from device storage, select folders, download and select file


EHS Band 2016 Heartbeat Android M4A Ringtones ZIP File
EHS Band Heartbeat Android M4A Ringtones[...]
Compressed archive in ZIP format [13.8 MB]

MP3 Files

EHS Band Heartbeat 2 Time Slow Down.mp3
MP3 audio file [400.7 KB]
EHS Band Heartbeat 3 College Cost.mp3
MP3 audio file [518.2 KB]
EHS Band Heartbeat 6 Drifting Apart.mp3
MP3 audio file [513.3 KB]
EHS Band Heartbeat 8 (Colletto L).mp3
MP3 audio file [204.1 KB]
EHS Band Heartbeat 9 (Colletto S).mp3
MP3 audio file [33.9 KB]

Edison High School BPO

Edison High School

Band Parent Organization
50 Boulevard of Eagles
Edison, NJ 08817

Upcoming Dates:

Festival of Marching Home Show Meeting


August 22nd 7pm


Band Parent Meeting 


Sept 7th  7:00pm  Band Room


Festival of Marching



Sept 9th


Please go to Signup Genius to signup for fundraisers.  Great way to earn money for Band Camp!


Get Connected!

If you use facebook and are a Parent or Guardian of a band student currently enrolled in Edison High School, you can request to join our facebook group.

Executive Board

  • Band Director:           Marc DeNicuolo
  • Assistant Band Director:    Valentine Kuntz
  • President:                Stephanie DeSanto
  • Vice President:          Andrene Pennix
  • Treasurer:                    Enuma N'Akisisa
  • Recording Secretary:    Donna Dunay
  • Corresponding:              Carla Heller


Committee Chairs

  • Edison Festival Of Marching: Stephanie DeSanto
  • Fundraising: Barbara Benko  &      Kathy Beatty
  • Photographer: Vacant
  • Press Secretary: David Garb
  • Social Media: Stephanie DeSanto
  • Spirit Wear: Eltonette Byrd
  • Web Master: Stephanie DeSanto
  • Videographer: Michael DiMare
  • Indoor Percussion:  Anna DiMare
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